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    Includes hard metal and rubber lined slurry and solids handling pumps, process, chemical and water pumps, vertical turbine, cantilever, submersible, self priming and axial flow pumps.

    Chemical Process
    Includes General Process services, mild to severe corrosives, solids handling minimum degradation, low flow services, elevated temperature liquids, hazardous fluids

    Pulp and Paper/Process
    High capacity process corrosives, air handling capability, non-abrasive solids and fibrous/stringy materials

    API Process
    High temperature and high pressure process pumps for petroleum, heavy duty chemical and gas industry services

    Double Suction
    High capacity pumps designed for a wide variety of industrial, municipal, and marine applications.

    Reliable performance in demanding high pressure services such as boiler feed, cogeneration, booster, and reverse osmosis.

    Abrasive Slurry/Solids Handling
    Fine to large abrasive slurries, corrosives, large solids handling, and wastewater.

    Vertical Turbine
    DescripLow to high capacity and low to high head water and process services vertical turbine pumps in a variety of flexible configurations for clean and corrosive / erosive applications. tion

    Sump Pumps
    Self priming centrifugal pumps for industrial applications with suction lift conditions. Vertical wet pit and electric submersible pumps for a variety of sump services.

    Process Control Systems
    Microprocessor based control systems for process pumps.

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